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Child Labour News: December 2017

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Child Labour News: December 2017

09 Dec 2017
Alliance Child Labour Task Force

In October 2017 Alyson and Lotte from the Child Labour Task Force visited Turkey for the second time. The aim of the mission was to work with inter-sector programme managers and case management staff to identify opportunities to strengthen the child labour response in Turkey. The global Child Labour Task Force will continue its support in early 2018 by developing a Child Labour Resource Package and providing a Training of Trainers to members of the national Child Labour Technical Group in Ankara.

The report of the Regional Child Labour Consultation Workshop in MENA region (August 2017) is now available. Resources can be requested from the Child Labour Task Force Leads, Lotte and Insaf.

In 2018, ILO and Plan International will be finalising the global Child Labour in Emergencies toolkit based on field-testing in 2017. A Regional Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Child Labour in Emergencies Toolkit will also be developed, based on documented lessons learned, good practices and programme evidence in preventing and responding to child labour from the MENA region. If you have documented good practices to share, please contact the Child Labour Task Force leads: Lotte Claessens, Child Protection in Emergencies Advisor, Plan International Sweden and Insaf Nizam, Senior Technical Officer, ILO.

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