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Are You Working in Child Protection…the Alliance Can Help!

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Are You Working in Child Protection…the Alliance Can Help!

24 Oct 2019
The Alliance


Are you working in child protection…the Alliance can help!

Those of us who work in humanitarian contexts have seen first-hand the impacts crises have on children. They face protection risks from a multitude of sources, sometimes from the very people tasked with caring for them. It can be difficult to know how best to address the varied needs of different children and families. The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (the Alliance) is one source of support for you to strengthen the protection of all children in all types of humanitarian settings. 

Who is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a global network of operational agencies, academic institutions, policymakers, donors and practitioners.  In 2016, the Alliance was formed out of the former Child Protection Working Group (CPWG). Since then, the Alliance has developed and promoted high-quality, effective standards and guidance for national and international actors working to protect children in humanitarian settings. 

The Alliance’s work falls into five categories:

  • Standard setting and guidance development; 
  • Capacity building, learning and development; 
  • Evidence and knowledge generation; 
  • Advocacy; and
  • Convening. 

You can learn more about these in our 2018–2020 Strategic Plan and 2018–2020 Work Plan.

How does the Alliance work?

The Alliance is organized into Working Groups and Task Forces, each of which supports specific areas of the overall strategic plan and work plan:

How can the Alliance support your child protection efforts?

The Alliance supports child protection efforts by developing and disseminating practical, user-friendly, evidence-based resources and guidance. We also provide a variety of virtual and in-person networking and training opportunities. 


The following are a sample of some of our most recent products that can support you in your work. Check out our online library for a searchable database of all the resources produced by the Alliance.

General child protection guidance





As valuable as print resources are, sometimes there is no substitute for the personal touch. Each year the Alliance hosts an annual meeting to enable members from around the world to meet face-to-face and build valuable professional and personal relationships. The reality of our global community makes it impossible for all members to physically attend the annual meeting, so in recent years we have live-streamed and recorded sessions so those who could not travel could still participate. You can still experience the 2019 Annual Meeting by viewing our 2019 Annual Meeting for CPHA + CPMS Launch playlist on Facebook. 

To further encourage networking between the Alliance and its members, we maintains an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. We have also created a series of peer fora on our website to encourage longer-term conversations on topics that matter to you. If there is a topic you would like to introduce, contact our Knowledge Management Focal Point

Training and learning opportunities

Training is critical to all actors’ professional development. It helps new staff quickly develop necessary skills and reminds experienced practitioners of things they may have forgotten. In order to strengthen our ability to provide timely, appropriate training, we have recently developed The Alliance E-Learning Hub. It currently hosts a five-module prototype introducing the CPMS. Our full range of face-to-face and distance learning opportunities can be found on our website at Trainings and E-learning and Webinars, Podcasts, and Videos. Some of our more popular trainings include: 

How will you engage with the Alliance?

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you will take the opportunity to browse our website and engage with us on social media. Download and use the resources we have created. Then let us know how they worked for you. Many of our resources are updated regularly, and your feedback can help us improve. We look forward to partnering with you in the protection of child refugees around the world.


Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.