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Proteknôn Foundation

Proteknôn is derived from two Greek words: "in front of" and "child". As our name implies, we are focused on what children are facing, especially as it relates to their care, protection and wellbeing. In order to do this, we are committed to learning from and with girls and boys, of all ages, backgrounds and capacities.  Proteknôn Foundation for Innovation and Learning’s work is grounded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and guided by its four core principles: non-discrimination; the best interests of the child; life, survival and development; and respect for the views of the child.   

Our vision is a world in which every child and young person, without discrimination, is ​

  • Protected from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect;
  • Empowered to participate fully in matters that affect him or her; and
  • Cared for and has access to basic services, essential to his or her wellbeing. ​

Every child has a right to a dignified childhood, valued and respected. We understand that this involves addressing the range of barriers children and young people face in claiming their rights, including discrimination and inequality; harmful social norms and practices; and the availability of and access to appropriate, quality services. 

Proteknôn Foundation is pursuing the following purposes through investments in research, innovation, and learning and development that:

  • Support children, families, communities, state institutions and other duty-bearers to protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect;
  • Foster children’s resilience and psychosocial wellbeing, and support the recovery and social reintegration of child survivors of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect;
  • Empower children to participate fully in matters that affect them as individuals and collectively; and
  • Strengthen the capacities of child protection actors to prevent and respond to violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect,

Together, these efforts aim to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners, children and adults, and experts from the Global North and Global South.



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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.